What is The average cost of professional movers and packers in Dubai?

What is The average cost of professional movers and packers in Dubai?

Moving can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it involves relocating to a vibrant and dynamic city like Dubai. Whether you’re a new resident or a seasoned expatriate, understanding the costs associated with professional movers and packers is crucial for a smooth transition. we’ll delve into the average cost of hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai, breaking it down by the size of the space you’re moving from and any special considerations for office spaces.

The Studio Apartment Move 

If you’re residing in a cozy studio apartment, the cost of hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai typically falls between AED 900 and AED 1800. The price variation often depends on the distance, additional services, and the reputation of the moving company.

1-Bedroom Apartment Relocation 

For those calling a 1-bedroom apartment home, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of AED 1800 to AED 3,300. Keep in mind that factors such as the number of items to be moved and the complexity of the move can influence the final price.

Transitioning from a 2-bedroom Apartment 

Moving from a 2-bedroom apartment may require a budget of approximately AED 3,300 to AED 4,200. The higher end of this spectrum might come into play if you have a substantial amount of furniture or if the destination is quite a distance away.

The Move to a Spacious 3-Bedroom Villa 

Relocating from a 3-bedroom villa is a more substantial undertaking, and the costs reflect that. The average cost for professional movers and packers in Dubai for a villa-sized move ranges from AED 4,200 to AED 5,500. This category typically involves a greater volume of items and more effort.

Office Space Relocation 

For businesses or individuals with office spaces in Dubai, the costs can vary significantly based on the size of the workspace and specific requirements. It’s crucial to contact movers and packers for customized quotes in this case, as no fixed range can accurately encompass the diverse needs of office relocations.

Factors That Influence the Costs 

The average cost of professional movers and packers in Dubai isn’t set in stone and can fluctuate due to several factors: 

Distance: The farther your new location, the higher the cost. 

Volume of Items: More items mean more work, which can translate to a higher price. 

Packing Services: If you opt for professional packing services, it can add to the overall cost but can save you valuable time and effort. 

Specialized Items: Items like pianos, antiques, or fragile artworks may require additional care and can impact the final cost. 

Time of Year: Peak moving seasons might see slightly higher prices due to increased demand. 

Insurance: Consider insuring your belongings for added peace of mind. 


In Dubai, Zeemovers professional movers and packers offer a wide range of services to accommodate various needs. When planning your move, it’s essential to obtain quotes from multiple companies, inquire about additional services, and choose a company that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

For a successful and hassle-free move, always remember to plan and make informed decisions when selecting professional movers and packers in Dubai. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new home or office space.

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